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Globalisation has a strong influence on life of every country. Traditional cultures disappear, their places are taken by consumerism. We see a next period of Chinese influence on the West. Oriental motives and production items from Asia are in the mass market, and they are seen as China’s expansion by many.

On the other hand, globalisation and western way of life impacts people in this ancient country, changing their way of living with an unprecedented pace. The reservation of traditional culture and values becomes a big problem, as many Chinese confess.

The artwork shows a delicate porcelain figure, as a symbol of beauty and many-sided Chinese culture. She loses her substance in process of transformation, so she may become something new.

This illustration was exibited during the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 2.0 at the SWISS ART EXPO on 20-24 August at Zürich main train station.

Art print «Porcelain», 2020

Paper, 40x55 cm

Limited edition 100 pieces

Hand-signed by artist, signed and numbered.

Available for sale at artsy.net